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What Do You Mean By Experience?

ESS Candidate Newsletter – May, 2018

Worthington, OH May 01, 2018

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we discuss items to consider when you think about the experience you create during an interview.

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Ask the Recruiter “What do you mean by experience?”
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As we finally seem to have a spring in the Midwest, we see no slowdown in the job market. The market remains strong and there are many opportunities out there although not all are available to the public. One of the benefits of working with ESS is our access to jobs not advertised. We continuously have confidential searches that companies have us working on. Some of these searches require non-disclosure agreements prior to sharing the company name due to importance of keeping it confidential. Aggressive companies are constantly looking to upgrade talent where there is a weakness.

If you need help in an interview process for something you have found on your own, let me know what I can do to help. On the other side, if your company needs help on a search or would like to understand how to conduct a confidential search, please let me know.

Ask the Recruiter – “What do you mean by experience?”

We take vacations to Disney World and other places for an experience. We go to concerts and themed restaurants for an experience. After the vacation, concert or restaurant we often ask ourselves, would I go there or do that again? Have you ever thought about the experience you create when you interview? Would someone wants to speak with you again based on the interview experience they had with you? Below are items to consider when you think about the experience you create during an interview.

  1. Appearance – Do you look the part?  Have you done your homework on what to wear based on the company culture and dress code? Will you be remembered for what you said or what you wore?  Looking the part is critical to making a good first impression with each person you meet. This includes hair, nails, make up, clothes, shoes, pad folio etc.
  2. Energy – Do you bring energy to the room or do you suck it out? We all know negative people who just seem to bring us down for some reason. We also know people who make us feel good because there is a positive energy they always seem to have. Smiling, listening and speaking with passion demonstrate your energy level.
  3. Communication skills – Are you able to answer a question in less than 10 seconds or does it take you 30 seconds or longer to answer a question? Part of a two-way conversation is mutual engagement. If one party rambles on and on, they will lose the other person and likely miss-out on the opportunity. What about your non-verbal communication skills?  Do you sit up, slouch, avoid eye contact or never smile?  Non-verbal cues play an important role in an interview.

You represent your personal brand every day. During an interview, your brand and the experience people have with you is front and center. Preparation and awareness are critical to your success in these opportunities.

If you need help or would like additional suggestions, please let me know.

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