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Creating Effective Office Communication With Management

Successful companies know the importance of open dialog within the organization. Employees who have strong communication with management are motivated to succeed and thrive in new ways. Here are a few ways Executive Staffing Solutions actively creates these open lines dialog.

Importance of Communication With Management

Good leadership requires that your people are comfortable coming to you with ideas, challenges and concerns. GREAT leadership requires that you actively commit to opening the lines of communication. How do managers foster this? Here’s what we do:

Morning Check-Ins

communication with management
At Executive Staffing Solutions, our managers check in daily with each person on their team EVERY morning.

We do this because it keeps us both accountable to each other. In the managed healthcare recruitment world, timing is everything.

There is no “I’ll just do it tonight” because we work with businesses and people who are motivated to keep things moving quickly. When the managers go around to everyone’s desk, they want to know your plan for the day so they can offer advice and support.


Another way we actively create healthy communication with the management team is through one-on-ones every quarter. This is a scheduled time for each recruiter to sit down with their manager. It is a time to sit down and connect. Sometimes, these meetings are more about career paths and metric goals. Just as often, they are about our families, outside interests, and life in general. These days, as our work and personal lives become more intertwined, it is important for each manager to “keep a pulse” on their team so they know the best way to provide support.

Recruiter Breakfast

communication with management
Once a year, Executive Staffing Solutions hosts an open forum for 360 feedback. Over breakfast, recruiters get a chance to discuss what is working well, or bring up any concerns with each other, without management being present. We’ve found that holding this meeting in a more casual setting, away from the office has really allowed our recruiters to open up and share their thoughts.

This is a safe place where they can discuss problems and brainstorm ways that management can more effectively help them achieve their goals.

Typically, we elect one person to act as a moderator to ensure that everyone gets the chance to have their voice heard. Afterwards, the moderator writes a summary of the ideas to send to the managers.

24/7 Feedback

We also have an anonymous “suggestions” email where people can send in questions or suggestions. Initially, we wanted a a confidential line of communication with management available, and over time, we have found that our team also loves to use this form to give praise and commendations to their fellow associate’s!

Communication with management is key. By actively and intentionally applying these strategies, we have created an effective transparency throughout our teams.

We would love to hear from you – do you have a great way of communicating with your team?

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