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Executive Staffing Solutions Celebrates 20 Years

It’s hard to believe that we’re celebrating 20 years in business! Executive Staffing Solutions (ESS) began with a small, determined team dedicated to delivering remarkable recruiting solutions for clients and candidates alike. In the two decades since, our team has grown to become the premier Healthcare Executive Recruiting firm in the country. 

As we reflected on our 20 years in business, we found four key items that have allowed us to thrive.  


ESS would be nothing without our incredible team of people. As a company, we’ve always strived to reflect our core values while building our team. These values are reflected in the relationships we have with job seekers and companies. Our success is built on having fun, believing in the human spirit, clearly communicating, being authentic in everything we do, and striving to grow. 

Job Seekers 

ESS is fortunate to work with a lot of top talent in the managed care field. 20 years ago, many of our contacts were in the process of beginning their careers. Because of this, we have had a front row seat to seeing so many individuals make enormous contributions to the companies they’ve joined. Many are now in senior leadership roles and are leading the strategic initiative that they help develop. Others work in individual contributor roles where they can make their own impact. 


Since day one, ESS has consciously made business decisions that were in the best interest of our clients.  We have always focused on doing the right thing, and that has consistently been securing the top talent for companies and facilitating the process by being as transparent as possible with both parties involved. Similar to our job seekers, it’s been fun to see the impact our clients have had on their employees, customers, and the communities they serve.  


Selecting a career is one of the biggest decisions we make. ESS appreciates the trust that so many people have put in us. We don’t take this lightly. The value we bring today is the same we brought 20 years ago. What we offer is an unbiased, third-party point of view to help both parties reach the desired outcome. Sometimes an opportunity is a fantastic fit for both parties, and other times, it makes more sense for one party to walk away. Being a trusted advisor in these situations helps us experience the success we have had. 

Thank you for being a part of our success story. 

Looking for a job?  

We’ve helped over hundreds of candidates find exciting new positions. Contact us today to learn how ESS can advance your career.  

Looking to fill a position?  

We love connecting top-tier talent with new opportunities. Contact us today to learn how ESS can provide your business with quality placements, expert guidance, and unrivaled results. 

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