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What Trends Are We Seeing With Executive Healthcare Positions for Fall 2020?

The unemployment rate finally dipped below 1 million for the first time in months. As more workers return to the workforce and elective surgeries resume to pre-COVID levels, this blog will explore which executive healthcare positions will be in the highest demand.

While still historically high, the unemployment rate is starting to drop as Americans are returning to work and businesses are beginning to hire again. With more Americans back to work, essential industries like healthcare will likely resume hiring to pre-COVID levels. This triggers the need to hire more executive healthcare leadership positions to oversee this growing demand.  

Based on our unique market perspective, here is what we expect to see: 

Medical Directors / Chief Medical Directors 

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a decline in open Medical Director/CMO positions. While we’ve still managed to fill a few of these positions, the demand for these roles has shifted down over the past few months. This makes sense as for the past few months, many hospitals were slowing services that were not deemed “essential.” With hospitals starting to open these services back up, the demand for these roles will likely begin to shift back to our typical levels to help meet the increasing claims that are going to come through.

Medicaid Roles 

We started 2020 with approximately 29 million uninsured Americans. Since then, COVID has been responsible for massive layoffs and loss of employer-based health care coverage for many. With another estimated 15 million people likely to join the uninsured ranks, Medicaid enrollment will increase. We expect to see many roles opening up with health plans that cover Medicaid. 

Actuarial Roles 

We have also seen an increased demand for Actuarial roles. Actuaries use statistics, mathematics, and modeling to analyze financial costs of risk and uncertainty, making sense that these roles are in high demand as managed care companies try to model out the implications of COVID.

Behavioral Health Roles 

With massive job loss, quarantine, essential worker burnout, and health concerns all around us, it’s not surprising that anxiety and mental health issues are at an all-time high. Parents are working while simultaneously educating young children. We’ve seen reports of alcohol and drug abuse rising, and domestic abuse and depression are all on the rise. Behavioral health roles are more critical than ever before, and we’re likely to see this need increase over the coming months. 

If you are a managed care company looking to fill open roles or a job seeker looking for new opportunities, please reach out, we’d love to help out.

Working with our team of highly experienced executive healthcare recruiters is the ideal way to hire highly sought-after executive healthcare roles.

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