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Why Working With a Recruiter is Essential to Success

Who is looking out for you while you’re busy focusing on your work?

Worthington, OH October 27, 2017

Do you know your accountant?  Your attorney?  Your doctor?

When you think of these people, if their name immediately pops into your mind, congratulations! When disaster strikes, you’ll have trusted individuals to turn to for support and advice.

If you are not sure who any of these people are, I encourage you to spend some time to select them. It’s always best to have these resources before you need them.

What about your career?  Who is looking out for you while you’re busy focusing on your work?

Regardless of your profession, you should invest in finding a recruiter who works in your industry. It’s hard to work full time and also try to conduct a job search.  By having a recruiter, you have an ally who is working on your behalf.

Some of the benefits of working with a recruiter include:

  • Access to confidential positions
  • Access to positions in your target geographical area
  • Access to companies and departments in which you don’t have personal contacts

When selecting a recruiter, it’s important to ask questions like:

  • What is your niche or specialty?
  • What geographic region do you work in?
  • Which level of positions have you filled in the last 6 months?

Please note, many firms work regionally or nationally so the physical location of their office is not that important.

Once you’ve found the right firm, make sure you’re selecting the best recruiter for you – someone you are comfortable working with and trust. A recutier who will help with every detail, down to the best way to prepare for an interview.

You could have an illness tomorrow, be sued next week or have a unexpected tax bill.  In each situation, successful people know who to call.

If you lose your job tomorrow, who are you going to call?