Constance Bellisari CPC

Constance Bellisari CPC

Director of Recruiting

Constance Bellisari graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Education and received her Masters in Educational Administration from Bowling Green State University. She spent five years in education before making a career move to the restaurant industry where she spent the next 18 years with her husband establishing and growing a quick serve restaurant concept. Constance has made her last career expedition, joining Executive Staffing Solutions where she enjoys working with executive level individuals and is passionate about helping them find the right long term career opportunity. Constance resides in Columbus, Ohio with her husband and their three sons.


What is your favorite sports team?

I graduated from Ohio State and live in Columbus so naturally, I love OSU football and my second favorite is the Ohio Machine (Major League Lacrosee). My boys play lacrosse so we don’t miss any MLL games in the summer.

Who is your favorite shoe designer?

Anything that’s a great bargain and comfortable.

If you could do one thing outside the office (and money was no object) what would you do and where would you go?

Travel!  The bigger the adventure the better.

What is the one book you love to recommend to people?

The 4 Hour Work Week.