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Corri Devier


SVP of Recruiting & Account Management


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Corri Devier, CPC

About Corri Devier

Corri Devier is originally from Ada, Ohio; home of the Wilson Football Factory (supplying game footballs to the NFL) and Ohio Northern University. She moved to Columbus, Ohio where she earned her BA in Behavioral Sciences from The Ohio State University. Corri and her husband stayed in the Columbus area and have two sons.

Corri has a passion for recruiting and enjoys the challenges of headhunting to find the right fit for candidates and clients. She often receives accolades from both clients and candidates thanking her for her tenacity, honesty and career advice.

Fun fact about Corri Devier

I enjoy the interactions with candidates and clients. I learn something new almost every day! Everything from healthcare insurance, politics, hobbies that others enjoy, new books to read and places to add to my list of must see! It is fun to talk to interesting and intelligent professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and interests with me.

I attribute my success in recruiting to being true to myself and always being open and honest with both clients and candidates. I have been told by long time contacts that they appreciate this quality in me.

I love to experience new places including new beaches – one of my childhood and still favorite happy places is Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee where my large extended family has been boating, skiing and spending time together for decades.

When you have to ask should yourself “should I do this?” You already know the answer.

People would be surprised to know that I love to read and watch documentaries.

I couldn’t eat one type of food for the rest of my life! Variety is the spice of life and I enjoy trying new foods.

Working at Benroth’s Dairy Freeze in Bluffton, OH. We lovingly called it “The Whippie Dip”. I worked there for 3 seasons with several friends and even met my husband there. He must have been mesmerized by the blizzard ice cream flung into my hair.(Those machines are harder to master than you would think).

I traveled with my parents a lot as a kid in an RV and got to see so many interesting places throughout the U.S.  I have carried on this love of exploring new places and stopping along the way with my own kids.  We try to go somewhere new every year.  Going to the ocean is always a treat.  Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee is an extended family and close family favorite to boat and enjoy watersports.

It is always interesting and exciting to step out of the car or off of a plane where everything is different from what you are used to! Everything from the climate, the trees, plants and beautiful flowers – not to mention the people and different cuisine to try!


“I would highly recommend Corri in her role as both a recruiter and candidate. As a candidate, I found her understanding of the position that I was applying for to be very helpful. She guided me through the expectations of the interview as well as supported me on discussions around compensation. I found that she was very fair and had my best interest in mind. She was always available to address any questions needed. As a recruiter, she worked with me to understand the profile of the position. In areas where I was a little vague in the description, she helped better refine my expectations. She was great at slotting candidates for my review based on my specific needs mitigating any unnecessary reviews of any unqualified candidates. She has been great to work with and I would recommend her for any future business needs.”

– Christopher, VP of Finance | Health Plan Organization

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