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Heather Marter


SVP of Recruiting & Account Management


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Heather Marter, CPC

About Heather Marter

Heather Marter graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Italian Studies, which allowed her a summer abroad in Florence, Italy. In the eight years Heather has been with Executive Staffing Solutions, she has been promoted from an Executive Recruiter to a Senior Vice President of Recruitment. Her diligence and deep dive philosophy has made her an in house industry expert. Heather enjoys staying abreast of the latest developments in the health insurance industry ranging from new adaptations of technologies, mergers and acquisitions, and emerging players.

Her clients include some of the top 5 largest national players, growing private equity and venture backed companies, and Blues Plans to Knox-Kleene plans. The social, political, and emotional aspects of healthcare keep her engaged, not to mention the personal interaction. She enjoys the client exploration process to ensure talent and cultural matches as well as creating strong candidate relationships resulting in a perfect fit. For fun, you can find Heather knee-deep in the dirt gardening, cooking, traveling, or listening to her favorite band live.

Fun fact about Heather Marter

The only way we can be successful is when it is a win-win-win situation, meaning we always have to have a triple positive outcome. That means our clients are getting the candidates they need, our candidates are taking positions that align with goals and ESS wins when we have happy clients and candidates. I love that our work never results in a loss for any party involved in the process.

I am very fortunate to have the life I do. I know it is sometimes easy to take things for granted but if I look at the people in my life and all that I have to be grateful for, I would say it is just the accumulation of good people and fortune. I have a supportive family that makes it easy to be dedicated to my work and an especially supportive husband. I also need to give a shout out to my boss, Rick McDonald, for all the support and troubleshooting over the years.

I don’t watch a lot of TV but I was definitely a Game of Thrones fan.

Tacos – hands down

While I don’t have a favorite place to go, I am not a sit-on-the- beach kind of traveler. I love to experience other cultures and be amongst the locals. I love a place that has great food and a walk-able community. I also love anything outdoors.

Boring but I love Star Wars. Never gets old.

I have come to love every season equally because each represents a unique opportunity to change your pace. We work hard in the spring, entertain and enjoy the most we can out of summer, harvest in the fall and hibernate in the winter.

I have been fortunate to see many of my favorite living bands and we make concerts a priority. However, I would have loved to see the Talking Heads when they were together. David Byrne still puts on a mean show though.


“I had been serving as a Senior Medical Director and was looking for a Chief Medical Officer role so that I could have a more influential and strategic role in an organization. I became aware of a position by reviewing Heather’s weekly newsletter and I asked for more information. She quickly engaged and was diligent in finding out more information about the prospective employer. There were additional conversations where she took the time to understand what I was seeking in the next phase in my career and was instrumental in my receiving an interview. During the entire process from interview through negotiation to signing an offer letter she was consistently available and very helpful in insuring that my prospective employer and I had an open dialogue so that both of our needs were met. I could not be more pleased with the outcome and would recommend Heather to any physician executive contemplating a career move.”

– Ed, Sr. Medical Director | Regional Health Plan

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