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Jamie Masters

Senior Director of Recruiting & Account Management


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Jamie split her time growing up in northwest and central Ohio before earning her BS in Healthcare Management from Ohio University.  She then spent several years as a successful Human Resources associate for one of Ohio’s largest health systems before transitioning to a consultant managing many of this system’s high-priority staffing initiatives.   What she gained from these experiences naturally led her down the path of an Executive Recruiter.   Jamie is passionate about transforming careers while supporting the unique needs of ESS’ clients.

Jamie and her husband enjoy volunteering, traveling, swim meets and spending time with their family, friends and dogs.

Fun fact about Jamie Masters

1)  When I bought my first car (Jeep Wrangler.  2) When I got my first real job.  3) When I became a “mom”.

I promise, you won’t always be the tallest person in every room.

Don’t be afraid to let them fail.

80’s “Three’s Company”, 90’s “Friends, today “Yellowstone”


“The Great Gatsby”

Anywhere that involves snow skiing.

“Gone with the Wind”

The Doors

My Kids

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