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Jen Epstein


VP of Recruiting & Account Management


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Jen Epstein, CSC, CPC

About Jen Epstein

Jen Epstein graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Child & Family Studies where she spent years in the Mental Health field before finding her niche in recruiting. She has been recruiting for the last 15 years, and loves helping people with all aspects of finding the right job. She spent 10 years recruiting linguists to go to Afghanistan and Iraq to translate for the US Military which was extremely rewarding for her.

Jen looks forward to many more years to come with ESS, and in this business. In her spare time, you may catch her performing in a musical around town, playing tennis, or spending Sunday nights playing cards!

Fun fact about Jen Epstein

The people of course, and being able to run your own desk!


Live like there is no tomorrow

Be yourself, and don’t let anyone get in the way of that.

I have 2 hairless cats

Sending translators to Iraq and Afghanistan to assist the US Military

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory



Thank you [Jen]  for your continued update regarding my application to Versant. As an executive physician I value your closed-loop communication that has greatly facilitated the application process. You have been courteous, prompt, and professional throughout our interactions, and I cannot thank you enough for your commitment during both of our busy schedules. From the time you reached out inquiring of my interest in the position, you have provided invaluable guidance in preparing my application. In my experience, it is a rare occasion for a recruiter to provide such personal support, but you have consistently gone above and beyond my expectation – and for that I am truly grateful.

– Omaya, Ophthalmologist | National Health Plan

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