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Jenny Killian


Executive VP of Recruiting & Account Management


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Jenny Killian, CPC

About Jenny Killian

Jenny Killian has been in healthcare recruiting since 2008 and has helped a wide range of health plan and hospital leaders across the country reach their career goals. With a large, nationwide network, she is passionate about connecting top notch professionals and organizations.

In working with her clients, Jenny listens to understand the tangible and intangible characteristics that are most important. She is then able to tap into her network and take a deep dive into the market to identify the right person for the job. The top priority is always doing everything possible to ensure the fit is right for both the hiring organization and the job candidate through a no-pressure approach. Outside of the office, Jenny lives in Columbus, OH with her husband where they are sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

Fun fact about Jenny Killian

Any beach…especially if it includes playing volleyball.

I did ballet for 10 years.


Potatoes, in any way, shape or form

I was a lifeguard and taught swimming lessons during high school and college.

My all-time favorite book is The Secret Garden.

Sam-I-Am is my favorite! I read Green Eggs and Ham over, and over, and over as a kid.

I would love to see an Oasis reunion tour!


“Jenny is excellent in her job. She has a rare ability to both strongly represent a company in their quest to find top talent while coaching candidates through the process. Jenny knows the strategy, organization and key strengths and opportunities for those companies and maintains very strong ethical standards throughout the cycle of the hiring process. Whether you’re an employer seeking support for your recruitment efforts or an individual seeking opportunities please consider Jenny for your business partner.”

– Rich, VP Operations | Regional Health Plan

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