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Leea Bryan

Senior Executive Recruiter & Account Manager

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Leea attended The Ohio State University where she earned her degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology.  She has dedicated her career for the past twenty plus years in Talent Acquisition.  Leea’s well rounded recruiting expertise is rooted in Corporate, Third Party and Independent Consulting roles.  Leea prides herself in being transparent and authentic when collaborating with clients and candidates.  Her genuine interest in learning the driving motivators and values of others is Leea’s recipe for success!

In Leea’s spare time you will find her working with people and horses as she shares the gift of equine therapy and wellness.  Enjoying lake-life with her husband, four children and three dogs is another cherished pastime.

Fun fact about Leea Bryan

Chose to Live Mindful and Embrace Your Inner Peace! Silence is not empty, it’s full of answers.

I am certified and teach equine therapy and wellness. Did you know horses respond by reading your body language?

USA Gymnastics both Men and Women. Prior to injury, my youngest son was on an elite path, trained at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado several times. He also competed in the Pan American Games in Brazil.

I enjoy a salad filled with berries, nuts and seeds. I have been asked if I am a rabbit or if I eat grass. No… but dandelions are very medicinal.

After High School, I was freeze model in retail store windows.

Riding Home

I enjoy the untouched of Alaska and the ancient history of Rome.

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