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Mark McClure


SVP of Recruiting & Account Management


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Mark McClure, CPC

About Mark McClure

Mark McClure earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Psychology from Franklin University. He came from the retail industry managing multiple sports memorabilia and apparel stores prior to settling into recruiting. Mark’s a die hard Cleveland Browns fan, and somehow holds faith they’ll turn around their misfortune someday. He is the proud father of two kids. Mark loves spending his free time building Lego sets and singing the soundtrack of the Frozen movies with his kids.

Mark joined ESS in 2014 with the goal in mind of helping connect professionals with something better than what they were previously doing. His personal motto is to help individuals not only do great work, but their best work. Mark loves working a full desk, which means he enjoys connecting individuals to opportunities and partnering with clients to help fill open positions. In addition to recruiting, Mark manages a team of recruiters and enjoys the opportunity to support and help team members grow.

Fun fact about Mark McClure

I attribute my success to work ethic and being relentless. I’ve been fortunate enough to learn about a strong work ethic from my parents and former/current colleagues. Being relentless is all about shaping the mindset of not letting things that are happening influence my effort.

Pemaquid Point, Maine in the summer. It gets hot and humid here in Ohio in the summer, so escaping to the beach in Maine is a vacation I literally will count down the days to

Be yourself, don’t worry about what others think of you.

Be real. It’s ok for your kids to see you as imperfect. My kids are still relatively young, but I want them to always feel like they can approach me. I want them to always feel comfortable with me and know I’m their biggest supporter.

I shaved my head back in high school! I always liked how a shaved head like Michael Jordan’s looked growing up, so I decided to try that out for a few years. Bald is beautiful!

I love the Lorax. He stands up for those who don’t have a voice.

Chinese. It’s all about the sauce and protein.

I love Field of Dreams and the Back to the Future trilogy.


“Mark is tops in the game. His is truly focused on the candidate experience. At every step in the process, Mark was there to update me, prepare me and was always available to answer my questions. In addition, his pre-interview company intelligence and prep was invaluable. As a HR leader who has had the opportunity to lead a recruiting team and is ever-focused on the candidate experience, Mark has provide the quality of service that I would expect from a member of my team. With these characteristics I would, without question, recommend Mark. As a prospective candidate, he is there to help you get the job. To companies Mark is searching, he is representing your company with integrity and excellent customer service.”

– Scott, Director of Talent | Regional Health Plan

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