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What Are Some of the Funniest Mistakes People Have Made?

ESS Candidate Newsletter – March 2020

Columbus, OH March, 2020

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we discuss comical interview mistakes.

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Ask the Recruiter “What are some of the funniest mistakes people have made?”


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Ask the Recruiter – “What are some of the funniest mistakes people have made?”

Because it is cold and gray outside this time of year, I thought I would share some funny stories on things candidates have done in the interview process. Please note, I could write a book about the silly mistakes people make.

As a little background, our firm generally works on high-level positions, so some people may assume there is a level of professionalism and life experience that would prevent these mistakes from happening. Unfortunately, mistakes still happen, regardless of the salary level.

1. “My Uber was late” – We recently had an individual scheduled to go out for her final interview. Because a flight was involved, she took an Uber to the airport. Because “my Uber was late”, she missed her flight costing the company money and herself the opportunity.

2. “His pants fell down” – We had a candidate interviewing with the CFO at a health plan and the interview was going well. They spoke for several hours and had taken off their suit coats due to the length of the interview. When the candidate stood up and put his arm through his coat sleeve, “his pants fell down.” The candidate quickly pulled them up but not before the CFO saw it out of the corner of his eye.

3. “She misspelled our name” – We had a Medical Director go out on three different interviews and was the finalists who the company wanted to hire. We always request to review thank you notes before people send them in case there is a mistake. The Medical Director sent them directly to the employer who quickly noticed, “She misspelled our name on every thank you note.” The company said there is no way we can hire her when she does not know how to spell our name correctly.

4. “Ordered a three course meal” – We had a candidate go out for a lunch interview. Our golden rule for interview at meals is to remember you are there for the interview, NOT to eat. This individual “ordered a course meal.” The client was flabbergasted and distracted by all of the food, which affected the evaluation process. Unsurprisingly, the candidate did not get the job.

We want to help you get whatever job you are trying for. Many silly mistakes are avoidable with some preparation and awareness. If there is anything, we can do to help you not by a story in our newsletter. Please let us know

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