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“How can ESS help me or my company during this shift of numerous jobs to a workforce seeking employment?”

ESS Candidate Newsletter – SEPTEMBER 2023

Columbus, OH – SEPTEMBER 2023

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we talk about unemployment.

Introduction – Aaron Wandtke
Recently Filled Jobs
Ask the Recruiter “How can ESS help me or my company during this shift of numerous jobs to a workforce seeking employment?”


After Labor Day, a rush of excitement sweeps in as kids storm back to school, and the bustling traffic, after-school and weekend activities kick into high gear. Just as the weather starts its enchanting dance of change, deadlines loom and the crescendo to year-end excitement draws near.

Unemployment held was 3.8% in August, a figure that has persisted for the past eight months. While this rate remains relatively low, there’s a noticeable shift in corporate caution regarding new hires. Companies adopt a more cautious approach in response to economic uncertainty which leads them to be more cautious and they conduct layoffs and slow down their hiring process.

Despite some layoffs at companies like Centene, CVS/Aetna, and Optum, whether due to past mergers or annual practices, it’s noteworthy that the health insurance/payor industry as a whole has weathered these challenges more favorably than other industries. While this may provide little consolation to those who have experienced layoffs, we want to emphasize that many of our clients are actively hiring. However, it’s true that the hiring pace has shifted from a frenzy to a more methodical and considered approach.

Ask the Recruiter – “How can ess help me or my company during this shift of numerous jobs to a workforce seeking employment?”

Despite the larger pool of job seekers, aligning available skills with specific company needs remains a persistent challenge. The job market’s abundance of candidates doesn’t always equate to a perfect match for the specialized skills companies require.  A few suggestions from ESS, for additional insight give me a call.

For Job Seekers:

  1. Skill Enhancement: Stay updated with industry trends. Take online courses, earn a certification, etc.
  2. Networking:  Expand your professional network both on and offline. Networking can lead to unadvertised jobs and referrals from colleagues.
  3. Online Presence: A well-crafted LinkedIn profile can attract recruiters seeking specialized talent.

For Companies:

  1. Clear Job Descriptions: Ensure they are specific regarding the required skills and qualifications.
  2. Collaborate with Recruiters: Partner with specialized recruiters who have a deep understanding and can help identify candidates.
  3. Streamline Hiring Process:  Ensure it is efficient and responsive to minimize delays in making job offers to top candidates.

At ESS, we have a lot of tools and resources at our disposal to produce results quickly. If you have a question or need and would like to discuss how we can help, please let me know.

I can be reached at 614-885-8490 or by e-mail at