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“Should I take less money and pass on promotions to work from home?”

ESS Candidate Newsletter – APRIL 2024

Columbus, OH – APRIL 2024

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we talk about a downside of working from home.

Introduction – Aaron Wandtke
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Ask the Recruiter Should I take less money and pass on promotions to work from home?”


It is hard to believe we are already starting the second quarter. From our standpoint, we did not see significant changes from the fourth quarter through the first quarter in terms of the number of job openings we are working on. The flow of job openings has remained steady. The second quarter is traditionally one of our busiest quarters, so we are expecting to see an uptick in job opportunities.

Healthcare recruiting for ESS is expanding as we are working with more healthcare technology companies and other companies serving the healthcare industry. If you are interested in expanding the types of companies you would consider, please let us know. If you work for a company and need recruiting assistance, we’d love to help!

Lastly, please read the Ask the Recruiter section and share your thoughts on this new trend that may become more common for employers and job seekers.


Companies are beginning to change their tune about working from home. Last month, Dell came out and said people who only work from home will not be eligible for promotions. Data released last week indicated that office jobs are paying more than work from home jobs.

Companies have these large buildings they own or have long leases they cannot get out of, and they want people to use the space. In-person meetings have proved to be more valuable from a creative and culture standpoint than video calls due to the second hand conversations that happen and the ability for multiple people to share ideas more easily and with less distractions.

This is an interesting trend we are monitoring closely as this could have a substantial impact on the labor market because we could have one market of in-office jobs and one market of remote jobs. This will give much more power to the job seeker if companies continue down this path of promotion and pay. Job seekers will communicate their long-term intentions upfront which could work well for both employers and job seekers.

If you have any thoughts or have seen this, please share your experience because everyone will be impacted by this trend at some point.

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