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What Should I Wear For An Interview?

ESS Candidate Newsletter – February, 2018

Worthington, OH February 01, 2018

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we discuss the one of the biggest decisions you will make when preparing for a job interview.

Introduction – Aaron Wandtke
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Ask the Recruiter “What should I wear for an interview?”


A new year brings renewed optimism every time. What will the New Year bring to your career? Will you be okay ending the year the same way you started it? In order to move to the next level in your career, can you stay where you are or do you need to change companies?

Experts talk about planning and setting goals each year. We like to talk about people’s career plans and goals.  Have you identified a goal and have a plan to achieve your goal? Where will your career be in 5, 10 or 20 years? What does your final role look like? People who have a plan are more likely to succeed than those who do not. People who know where they want to go will get there quicker than those who do not. If you would like to discuss your plan and career goals, I would welcome the opportunity.

If part of your goals include improving your team, I would like to talk with you. There are things happening in the marketplace that I could help you navigate when trying to find new talent.

Ask the Recruiter – “What should I wear for an interview?”

One of the biggest decisions you will make when preparing for an interview is determining what to wear. For many people, they have a go to outfit specifically for interviewing. Not knowing when the original go to outfit was purchased; I would encourage you to think about this decision a little more.

We see it firsthand when we visit employers. The dress code for the company is obvious from the moment you walk in the building. The days when everyone is professionally dressed are long gone. One of the complaints from companies is that candidates have not researched the company and discovered no one wears a tie or business suit. Will showing up in one of these hurt your chances? Absolutely because it is a sign of not preparing for the interview.

It is fair to expect the employer to have reviewed your resume prior to your interview. From the employer standpoint, it is fair for them to expect you to have reviewed the website, including the mission, vision and core value statements. In addition, they expect you to have researched the people you are meeting with as well as the dress code.

Will wearing the wrong outfit cause you to lose the job? Probably not but it raises a flag that does not need to be raised. Anything that takes the focus off your answers only hurts your chances. If you need help preparing for an interview or would like to discuss what to wear, please let me know.

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