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This is the BEST Compliment a Business Owner Can Receive

The other day, I was speaking with a team member, and they said to me “I am in my last job. I’m no longer interested in learning about any other opportunities elsewhere.”

This statement caused me to pause and reflect. As business owners, we work incredibly hard for years on building a business, a product, or putting together a team. It can be easy to get lost in the day-to-day, and never take the time to stop and ask yourself if your team has reached such a high level of satisfaction that they have no desire to explore other options. They’re not wondering if the “grass is greener” on the other side.

So how did we get here?

I wish I could say that I knew exactly what I did to get here. I wish that I could share a proven blueprint of tip. The truth is, I struggled along the entire journey and doubted myself many times. The one constant? I never lost sight of treating my team with a high level of respect. I often asked myself how I would want to be treated in their position. I’ve also consistently encouraged them to pursue both their personal and professional goals, and took the time to not only understand their goals, but also took the time to invest in their goals.

When each member of our team is personally successful, our entire organization is successful.

I believe in the power of the team and the culture we create.

Creating an environment where people are comfortable talking with each other while also having a wide-open door to leadership solidifies who we are. I also believe in creating a career track that is transparent. No surprises, and lots of support along the way.

Equipping the team with tools, creating an enticing compensation structure, and empowering them to use their own skills along with company resources absolutely launches career sucess.

So, what is the best compliment a business owner can receive?

Messages likes these:

“I recently got a call from a recruiter promising an exceptional opportunity. And I found I had zero interest in learning more. Not even out of curiosity. And that’s when I realized that there isn’t an amount of money or “exciting new opportunity” that would make me decide to leave this company. I get to do interesting work with a great group of people, and I always feel like my ideas and thoughts are valued. I also feel really supported outside of work, too. Being a parent means you sometimes need a bit of creative flexibility to fit in all the pieces – the doctor’s appointments and the Halloween parades at school, and the elementary classroom parties, and I always feel like it’s ok to take care of those things as they come up. Even more, I feel encouraged to take time to do those things.”

Malini Swank

“I am fortunate enough to work for a company that offers the support, flexibility, type of work, and earning potential that I want.  Leadership is 100% committed to helping each individual person get what they want out of their work.  Because of these things, and the great people I work with, I truly believe I’ve found a home for the rest of my career.”

Jenny Killian

Isn’t that the great compliment? That someone feels that the company, the opportunity and the entire team of people are EXACTLY what they want.

Can you say that about your company? If not, what needs to change and how can your team help you get there?

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