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“Can a Thank You note jeopardize the possibility of an offer?

ESS Candidate Newsletter – MARCH 2022

Columbus, OH – MARCH 2022

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we discuss the pros and cons of a thank you note.

Introduction – Aaron Wandtke
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Ask the Recruiter “Can a Thank You note jeopardize the possibility of an offer?


As we enter the final month of the first quarter, we continue to be amazed by market conditions. We are receiving more and more calls from employers looking for our expertise to help them recruit for critical openings. The unemployment numbers for February dropped to 3.8% which is great news for anyone looking to make a change and frustrating news for companies looking to add to their teams.

Last week, we took our entire team and their guest to Mexico for a much-needed break as well as some much-needed warm weather. Each year this trip reminds me what makes the ESS team special and how committed we are to helping people find the right opportunity, not just the one that pays the most or has the fanciest title.

Our internal numbers tell us the need for talent is not going away any time soon and the need for employers to be more creative and aggressive will continue. There are amazing opportunities out there for people ready to make a change. The only word of caution is to be all in when you decide to make a change.

Ask the Recruiter – “WHat to do to NOT get hired?”

Picture yourself nailing the interview, connecting with everyone you meet with and leaving with a sense the company liked you and they are making an offer. As a final step in the process, you write each of the interviewers a thank you note that summarizes your meeting to thank them for the opportunity to meet.

Unfortunately, this is a scenario that we see play out regularly. Everything looks great but the interviewee does not use anyone or any tool to review their thank you note. Below are some best practices to make sure you are not removed from consideration due to a poorly written thank you note.

  1. Send it to your recruiter – it’s in the recruiter’s best interest to have you shine. Recruiters review thank you notes on a regular basis and can share some best practices to ensure your thank you note stands out.
  2. Free online writing assistant tools

The time it takes to properly review your writing could have significant impact to your career. Use the free online tools mentioned above as well as have a good writer review your writing to ensure you put your best foot forward.

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