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“What are your occupational priorities?”

ESS Candidate Newsletter – APRIL 2022

Columbus, OH – APRIL 2022

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we discuss thinking about your priorities in your career.

Introduction – Aaron Wandtke
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Ask the Recruiter “What are your occupational priorities?”


In March, the US economy added 431,000 jobs and unemployment dropped to 3.6%. The economy has added 400,000 jobs in each of the past 11 months. This has never happened since 1939 when the jobs report started.

At ESS, we continue to take on more open positions as companies need more help filling their job openings. As a result, we had a record month and a record quarter.

Based on the flow of new openings we expect this trend to continue through the second quarter.

This is an exciting time to look for a new opportunity. If you need help with your resume, strategy, or interview suggestions, please let me know.


This is one of the questions we ask each person we interview. This is an important question because during the interview process, companies talk about topics that may be different than what you identify as your occupational priorities. The two questions to ask yourself are:

  1. What are my occupational priorities? What criteria am I evaluating the company, the position, the manager, and the people I meet with?
  2. How do I recognize it? What questions do I need to ask to identify what I am looking for?

People who can name these things and define what they mean are more likely to land in the best position for them. The most common topics people mention are culture, management, and opportunity for advancement. Each of those things means something different to people. Whatever your criteria, please take some time to define them and know what questions to ask during an interview to identify if the company has what you are requiring.

If you would like other ideas to prepare yourself for interviews, please let me know.

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