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“What are my best resources to find a new job?”

ESS Candidate Newsletter – FEBRUARY 2021

Columbus, OH – FEBRUARY 2021

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we discuss where to find a new job opportunity.

Introduction – Aaron Wandtke
Positions Filled in the Last 30 Days
Ask the Recruiter What are my best resources to find a new job?”


One of the trends we experienced firsthand in 2020 was the slowdown of hiring in the second and third quarter. Our experience has shown us that a slowdown is typically followed by an increase in activity. At ESS, we are beginning to see a surge in companies looking to hire people. In fact, we brought in more jobs in January than any other month in the last year. This is another sign of companies who can no longer wait for normal times to return to add on to their teams.

Companies have figured out how to conduct interviews over Zoom and how to onboard people while they work remotely. The only unknown is how long the role will remain remote which is a topic we addressed last month in our newsletter.

If there is something we can do to help you in your job search or to you attract new talent to your team, please reach out.

Ask the Recruiter – “what are my best resources to find a new job?”

One of the tools we use daily at ESS is LinkedIn. On the notification page, it mentions anyone who has changed jobs or changed their title on their profile. In addition to congratulating each person, we ask how they found the new job. Below are the top three responses:

  1. My network – The power of your network remains a great resource for many things; including job leads. Formal networks may be the people you work with or the people you are connected to on LinkedIn. Informal networks are the people you know on Facebook or some other social media source. Both can be powerful for numerous reasons.
  2. LinkedIn – Perhaps the strongest professional network out there is LinkedIn. Companies use this platform to post open positions, discuss company news, and announce hires and promotions.  LinkedIn is free to use and is easy to build a formal network.
  3. Recruiter – Having access to jobs not advertised. Identifying and working with recruiters who have these jobs in your industry, at your desired location and who have a record of accomplishment of success are great people to have in your network.

Building your network is a smart decision that is simple to do. For example, forwarding this newsletter, sending a connect request to a recruiter or following some companies are easy things you can do today to grow your network. In addition, there are groups on LinkedIn to join based on your interest. ESS runs Managed Care Connections that has over 30,000 people in the group. This is great way to connect with others and discuss issues facing the healthcare industry.

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