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“Should I take a remote position and hope it stays remote?”

ESS Candidate Newsletter – JANUARY 2021

Columbus, OH – JANUARY 2021

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we discuss what to do when taking remote positions.

Introduction – Aaron Wandtke
Positions Filled in the Last 30 Days
Ask the Recruiter “Should I take a remote position and hope it stays remote?”


As we reflect over the past year, we are both surprised by and thankful for what we learned during 2020.

What surprised us:

  • The total number of people ESS placed in a new job in 2020 is two less than we placed in a new job in 2019
  • How quickly the companies we work with changed their hiring process to accommodate the health conditions of everyone involved
  • How quickly applicants adapted to interview processes, on-boarding and new jobs via Zoom calls

What we were thankful for:

  • The healthcare industry we serve and the response from people individually and from companies who sought out ways to help customers and co-workers alike.
  • Patience by both hiring managers and applicants as each person navigated the new hiring process.
  • Connections on a personal level as everyone shared the experience together, often times at home with kids and pets in the background.

No one knows what 2021 will deliver but at ESS, we know we can persevere by coming together, working together and communing together for the greater good. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you in 2021 to either help you in your career search or help you improve your department or company.

Ask the Recruiter – “should i take a remote position and hope it stays remote?

Companies continued to ramp up their hiring in the fourth quarter. November and December were our two busiest months, and we see things continuing as we start 2021.  With vaccines now out, companies are starting to have discussions as to when people are going to come back to the office.  One of the questions we have been getting is, “Should I take a remote position and hope it stays remote?”  Below are some thoughts on the question.

  1. Ask the right questions during the interview – The good thing about interviewing now is companies have almost a year of verifiable data indicating how they have worked with employees.  How fast did they respond?  How has communication gone over the year?  What message is leadership providing to the employees?  How does leadership make these decisions?
  2. Demonstrate your value quickly – Getting up to speed and quickly demonstrating your value may help you continue some form of remote work.  Specifically making money, saving money, improving a process or saving time are all great ways to demonstrate your value quickly while working remotely?
  3. Propose a hybrid model – Schools across the country have adopted different hybrid models.  Although some are in school every day, some are every other week, while others are 2-3 days in and 2-3 days from home.  As this has become more acceptable, companies will likely be more receptive to a similar work schedule.

Companies have never been more receptive to people working remotely.  The key is open communication to understand how companies are planning to work long term.  Some companies have already said certain departments will never come back while others have said just the opposite.  Be sure to ask the right questions to ensure you understand your situation and the potential long-term implications when you start remote work.

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