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“What are simple resume tips as I look for a new job this summer?”

ESS Candidate Newsletter – JUNE 2023

Columbus, OH – JUNE 2023

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we talk about resume tips for the summer.

Introduction – Aaron Wandtke
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Ask the Recruiter “What are some simple resume tips as I look for new a new job this summer?”


We are always researching market intelligence to identify trends and to forecast what we think may happen. Some interesting news we found from the last 30 days:

  • Unemployment rate of 3.7% – Although certain skillsets, like IT roles, have stalled, the vast majority are still having challenges finding the right people. 3.7% is low and even lower when you realize the rate includes both white- and blue-collar jobs.
  • According to the Conference Board’s latest survey, 3% of US workers said they were satisfied with their job last year, the highest number since 1987 when the organization began surveying. Satisfaction has been steadily rising since it bottomed out in 2010 at 42.6%.

It’s an interesting time for both people looking for an opportunity and companies looking for talent. If you need help from either perspective, please let me know.

If you would like to discuss your background or if you are one of those managers looking to upgrade their team, please let me know.


We receive this question frequently, so we wanted to provide some updated best practices when updating your resume. Below are best practices that help people land that first interview:

  1. Numbers work – How much money did you make or save the company? What process saved time? Numbers jump off the page and help highlight significant achievements.
  2. Spacing – When everything is mashed together, it becomes hard to read. The correct spacing helps the resume flow and you can have the right information fly off the page.
  3. Chronological vs. Summary format – As a recruiter, summary resumes are hard to read as it’s not clear where and when people had success. A chronological resume makes the progression easy to follow.
  4. Length – The longer people work the longer their resume becomes. Have a recruiter review it and provide some thoughts. Most resumes do not need to be over two pages.

If you need help with your resume or are currently involved in an interview process and need help, please let me know. My goal is for you to find the right opportunity even if it is not through me.

I can be reached at 614-885-8490 or by e-mail at