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“What are some great questions to ask interviewees?”

ESS Candidate Newsletter – SEPTEMBER 2021

Columbus, OH – SEPTEMBER 2021

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we discuss what to ask someone you’re interviewing

Introduction – Aaron Wandtke
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Ask the Recruiter “What are some great questions to ask interviewees?”


The last 30 days have been special at ESS. In August, we celebrated our 21st year in business of which we are extremely proud. Modern Healthcare Magazine came out with their annual listing of the largest healthcare recruiting firms in the country and ESS was number 11 which is the highest we have ever ranked.

We want to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you for trusting ESS to help you in your career transition. Thank you for trusting ESS to help you fill the openings within your department and company. Thank you for the referrals you provide to us. Thank you for your feedback and the market intelligence you share with us daily.

We are successful because of you and the team at ESS working together. We look forward to more opportunities to work with you the rest of 2021 and beyond.


People often focus on asking the perfect question to candidates. The perfect question only comes when you know what you are looking for. Top companies clearly define what each interview is evaluating, provides questions to ask and most importantly ensure the interviewer can evaluate the answers to determine if the applicant matches what the company is looking for or not. If you do not have the structure or are just starting to interview, below are five questions to start with:

  1. How does your experience match up with what we are looking for?
  2. What is your management style or how do you like to be managed?
  3. What projects are you most excited about when you think about working here?
  4. What areas do you feel like you can make the greatest impact here?
  5. How does our company, this job and our company mission match up with your career goals?

Each question digs into the person, their evaluation of the opportunity and their self-awareness on making an impact. Employers tend to want people who are clear about their goals and contributions so understanding their purpose and goals will help evaluate their long-term viability.

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