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“What does my counteroffer mean?”

ESS Candidate Newsletter – August 2021

Columbus, OH – August 2021

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we discuss what things a counteroffer can indicate.

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Ask the Recruiter “what does my counteroffer mean?”


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Ask the Recruiter – “What does my counteroffer mean?”

After weeks of interviewing, you have the offer from the company you want to work for but its not exactly what you wanted. How do you respond and what does it mean when you want to ask for more money or for something not included in the offer?

  1. A counteroffer is a rejection When you counter, you are saying no to the original offer and are proposing a new offer which the employer may also reject. Understand any counteroffer is a rejection of the offer.
  2. Realistic expectationsSome companies and some departments expect people to negotiate while others do not. Working with a recruiter or asking the appropriate people in the interview process will provide insight to the company’s expectations.
  3. Counter with a yes Sometimes people counter just to counter. What works better with counteroffers is to say, “I will say yes today and sign the letter if you can do 1, 2, 3.” This way the company knows what they need to do to get a yes.
  4. Do your homework Too often people get to offer stage and do not know their must have’s, need to have’s and would be nice to have’s. By preparing and knowing your priorities, you can counter with the things most important to you.

Negotiating for your package is never easy or fun but is important as it impacts how you show up for work and how you feel about your new company. Knowing your parameters and where you can give and take makes the process much easier and provides both parties with more realistic expectations.

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