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What is so important about the start date

ESS Candidate Newsletter – September, 2019

Columbus, OH September 01, 2019

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we discuss how and why to plan your start date strategically.

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Ask the Recruiter What is so important about the start date?


Labor Day signifies the unofficial end of the summer and a renewed focus on our work.

By now, most people have taken their family vacations and long weekend trips. With the start of the school year, most families are settling into their routines both at home and in the office. For corporations, this means that most people are back in the office, ready to make strides toward hitting their end of year goals.

One of our biggest goals at ESS is always making the right fit when we place candidates in new roles, and not just the easy one. We are proud of all of the people we have placed in our past 19 years. It has been wonderful to stay in contact and learn about the ways that they have grown and positively affected the companies with which we collaborate.

As we watch companies grow, it is fun to think that we may have had a small impact due to the fantastic people we have placed in key roles.

If you would like to be a part of our next success story or if you would like to see your department or company move to the next level, give us a call.

Ask the Recruiter – What is so important about the start date?

We always encourage people to have schedule some time off between the end of your old job and the start date for your new job. In our opinion, leaving an old job on Friday and starting a new job on Monday is the worst-case scenario because there is always a lot of emotion in leaving.  We encourage people to have a week or two to clear the air, relax and get excited about starting the new role.  Below are other factors to consider when determining your start date:

1.  Bonus – Many companies require that employees start by a certain date to be eligible for year-end bonuses.  September 30th is the most common date but you should check before starting so you do not miss the bonus.

2.  Stock – Like a bonus, often times to receive options or another type stock, also require you to start by a certain date. This matters when you want to sell some of the stock, as most stock programs require you to hold onto the stock for a minimum amount of time before you are eligible to sell the stock.

3.  Budgets – The fourth quarter is right around the corner and companies will look at budgets closely for the following year.  Spending money now will likely increase the chance of the budget continuing on the following year.

4.  Hiring – If you are moving into a leadership role, you likely want to have a say in the personnel added to your team.  Having team members hired without your input or approval may be frustrating so check the time-frame for adding additional team members.

Starting a new job is always exciting as you get to write a new chapter in your story.  Picking the right start date is a strategic decision that can affect your compensation, your team and your ability to hit the long-term goals for your department.  If you would like help picking a start date or need other ideas on stating a new job, please call or email.

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