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“What is the best way to update my resume?”

ESS Candidate Newsletter – SEPTEMBER 2022

Columbus, OH – SEPTEMBER 2022

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we talk about how to update your resume the most effectively.

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Ask the Recruiter “What is the best way to update my resume”


August is always an interesting time of the year as it feels like vacations slow down, kids prepare for school, football season begins, and we head in to more of a routine than we have had in the summer. August happens to be a wonderful time to do a personal check in with yourself and what you have accomplished this year. It’s a good time to take a few minutes and write down accomplishments you may want to add to your resume.

August also tends to be a month where managers check in with their team to assess if they have the workforce to accomplish all the 2022 goals and head into 2023 with momentum. If you happen to be in that situation and want to discuss your recruiting needs, please let me know. Recruiting is taking longer than ever so the sooner we start the process, the sooner we will see results. If you wait until the fourth quarter, which historically is our best quarter, you may have more competition than you would prefer.

If there is anything else I can do for you or someone you know, please let me know.

Ask the Recruiter – “WHAT is the best way to update my resume?”

Few people enjoy going to get an oil change. Many wish they had earlier when their car experienced engine problems. The same is true with updating your resume. It’s not something anyone wants to do when things are going well, and you feel no pressure. But what happens if your company downsizes? Your boss is replaced? Your company mergers with a competitor? Or someone calls with your dream job?

We have always been an advocate for updating your resume at least once a year. Below are some best practices to help you through that process:

  1. Quarterly Outlook reminder – Once a quarter, reflect on what you, your department and your company achieved and write 1-2 sentences about it.
  2. Money and time – Think of examples of how you made money, saved money, improved efficiency, or changed a process that saves time. Be sure to include numbers as numbers tend to pop off the page or resumes.
  3. Reflection – If you keep doing what you are doing today is the accomplishment of your goal inevitable? If not, what needs to change? Do you see that change happening at your current company or do you need to potentially change?

Many people get comfortable in their jobs which is 100% fine. Some people have bigger career goals which is also fine. By completing a quarterly review and asking yourself some questions you are taking time for yourself to see if the path and direction of your career matches your passions and long-term personal goals.

If you would like other suggestions on updating your resume, please let me know.

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