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What Should be on My Resume?

ESS Candidate Newsletter – August, 2018

Columbus, OH August 01, 2018

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we discuss important resume tips.

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Ask the Recruiter “What Should be on My Resume?”
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August is an exciting time for kids and their parents, as school begins and daily routines change.  The month of August also signals a time for renewed focus on talent acquisition. With vacations ending, and the weather changing, we all turn our focus to projects that require completion before year-end.

In the recruiting world, this means we start to pick up momentum.  Whether you are actively looking for a change, or just contemplating what else might be out there – now is the time to speak with a recruiter. We are seeing needs in a wide variety of skill sets that are different from past years.

If you have been in the same role or with the same company for a few years, please know that the market has changed.  I would love to discuss with you the new approaches and strategies needed to secure a role in this current market.

If your company is focusing on talent acquisition, we need to talk.  Managing the timing and process of finding top talent has never been more important and our knowledge can save you from making the same mistakes as other employers.

Ask the Recruiter – What should be on my resume?

Recently, a friend of mine had an incredible opportunity presented to him and his family.  Because they had completed their homework, they were able to jump on the opportunity and take a big step forward as a family.

Updating your resume, once or twice a year, allows you to be prepared when that dream job fall into your lap.

The best time to work on your resume is before you need it.

Resume Reminders:
1. Clean Format: How many different fonts, bolds and italics are you using?  The resume should tell your story and distracting typeface affects the evaluation process.
2. Numbers Matter: How have you made or saved your company money, and how much?
3. Specifics: Avoid vague or general statements.  Instead of focusing on your responsibilities in your role, highlight your accomplishments.  Remember – responsibilities tie you to a position, but accomplishments open the door to other opportunities.
4. Length: Depending on your experience, it is fine to have a 2-3 page resume. Please only do this if you have legitimate content to add.

I would be happy to review your resume and provide feedback or provide sample resumes and work with you to create the best format. Let’s get in touch.

I can be reached at 614-885-8490 or by e-mail at