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What Is Ghosting?

ESS Candidate Newsletter – July, 2018

Columbus, OH July 01, 2018

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we discuss reasons a new thing we see people in the interview process doing.

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Ask the Recruiter “What is Ghosting?”
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Ask the Recruiter – “What is Ghosting?”

Have you ever wanted to go off the grid and become unreachable? While this is great on vacation, unfortunately it is becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives. This is a new thing we see people in the interview process doing. They just stop all forms of communication with everyone involved.  No phone calls, emails, or texts are answered. Think of the dating process.  You had three good dates and everything seemed to be going well when suddenly the person stops calling, texting or emailing.  What happened?

People are starting to use this same tactic in the interview process.  The problem with this is the size the industry we work in.  Each week we hear of stories of someone who knew someone from a previous job that provides hiring managers with informal references that help or hurt an applicant’s chances.

In a small industry, there are better ways to work through the interview process.  Below are a couple suggestions to help delay a process:

  1. Be honest – Companies understand if you have interviews with multiple companies.  Let them know up front and discuss your needed timeline when they bring it up.
  2. Know your priorities – Being courted by several companies is flattering, just like having many showings on your house.  The problem with all this activity is people tend to lose sight of what is important and what they are looking for in a job change.  Write down your priorities and refer back often when the noise starts to get loud.
  3. Say No – If you know you would not work for a particular company, person or department, tactfully remove yourself from the process.  There is no benefit from leading a company on, and in most cases, this does the most damage.

Ghosting is a tactic younger people are using and one we see having negative implications.  If you would like to discuss a more useful strategy, please call or email.

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