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“Why didn’t the company call me at our scheduled time?”

ESS Candidate Newsletter – JULY 2022

Columbus, OH – JULY 2022

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we talk about what to do when you don’t get word from a company.

Introduction – Aaron Wandtke
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Ask the Recruiter “Why didn’t the company call me at our scheduled time?”


Over the last three months, the unemployment rates have remained unchanged at 3.6%. The June numbers come out tomorrow and we do not expect much of a change. What this means to people actively looking is that there are lot of opportunities out there. What this means for employers is the challenge to find, attract and retain employees remains a challenge and will be for the near future.

One of the challenges we see companies struggle with is how each role will work. Fully remote, hybrid or in the office continues to frustrate both parties. Each company has its own philosophy and sometimes even department heads have a different philosophy from the company. This quandary does not seem like its going away any time soon. Earlier this week we read that 40% of Japanese firms are fully back in the office while only 5% of US companies are 100% back in the office. How this impacts recruitment and how this impacts promotability will be interesting to follow.

If you have a recruiting need or are aware of one, please let me know as our best business comes from personal referrals.


Most people interviewing have had their feelings hurt at some point. This may have happened when they were rejected from a job, when they received a lower offer than they expected or when someone did not follow though on an email or phone call that they thought was coming.

Our egos can have a negative impact on our job search and our expectations. How would you feel if any of the below scenarios happened?

  • The interviewer does not call you at the scheduled time
  • The human resources department does not send the benefit details you requested
  • The drug testing results takes weeks with no communication
  • The realtor never calls

Some people may see these events as “the world is against me” while others may see them as inconveniences along the way. A job search can be stressful, and people take the above events personally without stopping to ask themselves, “What could be happening with the individual I am working with?” Too often people assume the interview and onboarding process is the only thing people should be working on and thinking about. During the interview process, we don’t see a lot of people giving each other the benefit of the doubt. They see it as a black and white process, when there are likely things going on with both parties that could take the process off course temporality. In these situations, we encourage both the employer and the applicant to try to take a step back and see it from both sides before canceling the process based on something that may or may not be true.

If you find yourself in one of these situations and would like someone to bounce your thoughts and ideas off, please let me know.

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