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“Why does the job market feel slower now?”

ESS Candidate Newsletter – NOVEMBER 2023

Columbus, OH – NOVEMBER 2023

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we talk about the current job market trend.

Introduction – Aaron Wandtke
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Ask the Recruiter “Why does the job market feel slower now?”


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Ask the Recruiter – “WHY DOES THE jobs market feel slower now?”

This is a trend that we have noticed over the last few months. We are not sure if it’s a slowdown or if we are simply returning to where things were prior to 2021. When we compare our 2022 3rd quarter data to our 2023 3rd quarter data, our average hiring process increased by three days. Having said that, below are some reasons why processes may slow down.

  • Companies laying off – In 2023, there have been quite a few companies laying off people in various departments. The result is more applicants in the marketplace.
  • Limited opportunities – The number of job openings in the healthcare industry is very different than what it was in the last two years. Companies hired a lot of people over the last 2-3 years.
  • The perfect hire – Companies are taking longer trying to find the perfect hire. In addition, companies are spending more time evaluating internal equity as well departmental needs before hiring for roles.

Companies are still hiring as evidenced by the unemployment that remains below 4%. Although processes may take longer, if you manage your own expectations and continue to manage each of the processes effectively, you will find the right role.

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