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Why Do You Need to Speak to Me Before I Interview?

ESS Candidate Newsletter – March, 2017

Worthington, OH March 01, 2017

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we discuss how speaking with ESS prior to your interview can boost your chances of getting hired!

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Why do you need to speak with me before I interview?
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As we head to spring, the job market remains strong as companies continue to give us good positions to recruit for. One of the trends we are starting to see is applicants not handling the interview process the right way.  We have seen some stressful responses by candidates as well as candidates who are burning bridges with companies they are interviewing with due to the lack of honest communication.  If you are in the job search and would like to discuss strategy or review your approach, I am happy to help.

Another trend we are seeing is some companies struggling with their hiring process.  Because of this, companies are missing candidates who are ready to make a change.  The hiring process companies followed only 2-3 years ago is no longer an effective process.  If you would like to discuss your process or discuss some best practices we see other companies are using, please call or email.  We want you to hire the person you want in a time period that works for everyone involved.

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Ask the Recruiter – Why do you need to speak with me before I interview?

One of the benefits of working with a recruiter is the insight they have.  At ESS, we have information about the company, the department, the hiring manager and the culture you will not find online.  Sometimes, candidates feel they know more about the company or do not find the preparation step important.  We believe it is where we provide the greatest value in the process.  In addition to all of the company information we can provide, we can also share with you mistakes people made in the following areas:

  1. The candidate who had so much jewelry on the company thought he looked like Mr. T.
  2. The candidate whose tie was so short no one on the interview team could focus.
  3. The candidate who ate with their mouth open at lunch.
  4. The candidate who had on so much cologne the interviewer had to open the door to the office.
  5. The candidate who “forgot” to wear underwear and spent a long time in the waiting room.
  6. The candidate whose pants fell down when he took off his sports coat.
  7. The candidate who shared on a bottle of wine with the interviewer.

We could go on with many more examples.  The point is some very experienced professionals have made fundamental mistakes that speak nothing to their ability to the do the job they are interviewing for. Wearing the right suit, getting a haircut, polishing your shoes, having the right questions to ask and knowing how to handle a meal are just some of the little things that can give you a competitive advantage.  If you have an interview coming up and would like to discuss strategy and approach, let me know.

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