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What is the best way to learn about open positions?

ESS Candidate Newsletter – October, 2018

Columbus, OH October 01, 2018

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we discuss important ways to find open jobs.

Introduction – Aaron Wandtke
Sampling of Positions Filled in the last 30 days
Ask the Recruiter “What is the best way to learn about open positions?”
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As we enter the fourth quarter, we always see a surge in the number of job openings and an increased sense of urgency from employers looking to hire new talent.  People think because of the holidays, that things slow down but could not be further from the truth.  In fact, we have even seen some employers interviewing the week of Thanksgiving as well as up until December 23.  We share this with you because there is STILL time to change jobs this year and to be in a new company on January 2! If you want to change jobs, be prepared to move because companies are prepared to move quickly.

If you are a hiring manager who would like to get a critical need filled before the end of the year, please let me know.  Each week, we evaluate the number of openings we have as well as the urgency from each company we are working with.  We prioritize our efforts to ensure the right positions are receiving our attention.

Ask the Recruiter – What is the best way to learn about open positions?

Communicating our available positions is one of our top priorities. Please know that we also have an array of resources available to you to help guide you in your job search.

Below are various ways to stay in the loop of our available positions

1. ESS Newsletter We send this newsletter out each month, usually the first week of the month. This has all of the current job openings.

2. ESS Website Our site is updated daily as positions are added and removed.

3. LinkedIn page Each week recruiters post an image that has all of the openings from that day. Click on the image to enlarge it and view the openings.

4. Managed Care Connections This is the name of our LinkedIn group of over 28,000 managed care professionals. Many companies post openings on here.  We also post our openings on here.

5. Facebook The ESS company page on Facebook will have openings as well as other informal information from what we do in our office. We have a lot of fun!

6. Email For some roles, we will send targeted emails to individuals we think may be a fit for a role because of the skill set requirements.

Our job is to provide information so you can stay connected to our available opportunities. Please let us know if you prefer a different method of communicating job openings with you.

I can be reached at 614-885-8490 or by e-mail at