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What Interview Questions Should I be Asking?

ESS Candidate Newsletter – December 2018

Columbus, OH December 01, 2018

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we discuss what questions you should be asking in an interview.

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Ask the Recruiter “What are interview questions I should be asking?”
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As we wrap up 2018, we want to take a moment to thank you for supporting ESS and putting your trust in the services our company provides.  Last month, members of our team attended our industry’s national conference.  They brought back several best practices, which we are taking action on to provide a better experience for you as well as the employers we work with.  We are constantly searching for ways to improve our service offerings as well as refining the things we do at each step of the process.  If there are opportunities you see where we can improve, we invite you to share your thoughts with us.

The fourth quarter has remained steady with the number of new openings we receive each week.  Looking ahead, we believe the job market will remain strong in 2019.  If finding a new job is one of your goals in 2019, we should connect.  If strengthening your team is one of your goals, let us help.

Ask the Recruiter – “What are the interview questions I should be asking?”

Nothing makes a recruiter more nervous than when someone says, “I don’t need to prepare for the interview, because I just go in there and talk.”  Preparing for interview is always important and necessary.  This month, we focus on the questions you should be asking a potential employer.

The three main areas to focus on are the position, the department and the company as a whole.  Below are some sample questions for each area.

1.  Picture yourself giving me a great review one year from today.  What did I achieve?
2.  What are the 2-3 challenges this position will solve?

1.  What is the culture of this department versus other departments in the company?
2.  How does this department interact with other departments?  What department does it work most closely with?

1.  What has been the biggest change in the company since you joined?
2.  What are the biggest challenges you see the company addressing?  What is the company doing to address this and how long has it taken?

The right questions can provide you the information you need to make the best decision for your career.  If you would like to discuss more questions that could be helpful, please call or email.  Remember, each company and role is different so you need to create questions specific to each opportunity.

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