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Attracting Top Talent in a Competitive Marketplace

If you are looking to fill an open position, you know just how tough that can be these days. Just when you think you have found the perfect candidate, they tell you that they’ve accepted another offer. Maybe you have experienced this scenario more than once.

The 2021 employment marketplace is already more competitive than it was in 2020. Companies need to be aware of their recruiting process and the messages they are sending to the candidates if they want to be able to attract the best talent.

Ask yourself if your company would be considered an “employer of choice”. Would you think of yourself as a “manager of choice”? These are tough questions to think about and dissect, for sure, but also very important to consider. Do you know the traits that are most desired in a manager or employer?

The best employers and managers share similar characteristics.

Does everyone you interview want to work for you or do you find yourself settling for the person who says yes? Especially important in a tough job market, you want to be considered an employer of “choice”.

Listening vs. Talking: How do you show up to interviews? Do you ask questions and really listen to responses? Are you able to discern what is important to the candidate and relay the company story effectively?

Positive Energy: What is your energy like? The best managers communicate their energy and their passion verbally and non-verbally. Their energy is conveyed in how they listen and communicate their vision of the company, department and role. Just like you can recognize a candidate’s energy level, they too can pick up on yours.

Possibility: Are you looking for a reason to hire someone, or a reason to screen them out? The best managers see the possibilities in people and recognize talent when it is right in front of them. If someone is talented but not a perfect fit for the role, do you refer them to a different role or department after an interview? The best companies do this regularly because great talent is worth capturing.

Closing the interview: Do you find yourself closing the candidate at the end of an interview? Before you complete an interview, are you taking advantage of your last opportunity to create a positive impression of the company, you, and the role itself? This is the best chance to quickly summarize why your company would be a great place to work.

We hope these tips help you attract the very best talent in the marketplace. As always, please reach out to us directly if you would like to work with one of our talented Managed Health Care Recruiters.

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