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Are You a Good Listener?

ESS Candidate Newsletter – September, 2017

Worthington, OH September 01, 2017

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we discuss why communication and refined listening skills are essential in the hiring process.

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Ask the Recruiter
“Are you a good listener?”
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The number of new positions coming into our office picked up in August allows me to believe the rest of the year will be a great time to find new talent for your department as well as find the right opportunity for the next step in your career. When there are lot of options, it is generally a good thing. However, we are seeing candidates making mistakes trying to juggle multiple interviewing processes. If you have multiple interviews you are managing and need help, let me know as I can help you get the result you want.

Strong managers seem to be rare. Most people remember that one manager who helped them become better and took a genuine interest in their career. How many do you remember? Are you one of those managers that people want to work for? If not, let us help you assemble the right team for you and your management style. Everyone thrives differently depending on his or her manager. Our job is to bring you the best people who will thrive under your leadership.

If you need help managing your interview process or strengthening your team, please let me know.

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Ask the Recruiter – “Are you a good listener?”

What does it feel like when you are speaking with a good listener?  How do you know they are a good listener?  What feedback do they provide?

Chances are we all know people who we would classify as good listeners. Would you say you are a good listener? Good listeners tend to listen more than they speak. Good listeners tend to repeat what they heard to make sure they received the message correctly. Good listeners seek to understand in order to be understood.  How does this relate to the job search and interview process? Listening is everything.

Interviewers always ask questions. Part of what they are listening for is whether the person answered the question asked. Too many people just ramble on and on and never answer the question. Great listeners also can answer the question quickly. Rarely will you have a great listener ramble on for a couple minutes only to ask, “What was the question?”

Communication is essential in every relationship. Active listening involves repeating or asking clarifying questions to ensure the question is understood before answering. Too often, we work with people who ramble on and on and finish with, “Did I answer your question?” Ending any conversation with either question is a clear sign you are all over the place and did not clearly understand the question.

The great news is that this skill can be improved today. Think about how you listen. Do you listen to wait for your turn to talk or do you listen to learn more. You can practice in both your personal and professional life.  Improving in this area will help you in many ways.

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