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When Is The Best Time Of Year To Look For A New Job?

A common question that our recruiters get asked is, “When is the best time of year to look for a new job?” All things being the same, is there a strategic advantage to the season? While our recruiters offer support and advice to better your chances of getting hired ANY time of year, we thought we’d discuss the unique hiring prospects of each season. 

The Best Time of Year to Look for a New Job 

We’ve found that companies tend to hire the most people in the early part of the fourth quarter (October and November) and in the early part of first quarter (January and February). 

In the early part of the fourth quarter, companies are trying to use up their remaining hiring budgets. Kids are back in school, the weather gets colder and people have time to focus before the start of the holiday season. In the first quarter, hiring managers are returning to work after the holidays and have new hiring budgets to work with. 

All that being said, please remember that our recruiters can help you on your job search at any point, despite the time of year. And we believe that the best time for you to look for a new job is while you’re still in your current position. 

People who look for a job while unemployed have much more difficulty because they don’t have any leverage or ability to stay in their current role.  

The Downfalls of That Strategy Include: 

  • No leverage to negotiate 
  • No urgency for the company to make a decision 
  • Potential for a negative perceived value brought to the new position 
  • Willing to compromise and possibly get desperate and make poor decisions if the hiring process takes too long. 

Quarter by Quarter: What to Expect 

Every quarter is different, and we wanted to break down some of the things that can impact the hiring process. 

First Quarter 

The first quarter of the year tends to be great for hiring. Hiring managers are back in the office after the holidays and have time to focus. A new year also means a new, updated hiring budget! 

Second Quarter 

Hiring remains strong in the second quarter, as management is motivated to get new people hired and through their onboarding process before any upcoming summer vacations and family time off.  

Third Quarter 

Summer months can be bit harder for hiring, and the process typically slows down. School’s out for the summer, and family vacations become the focus and priority for many hiring managers.  

Fourth Quarter 

The fall and early winter is a unique quarter for hiring. While the early part of the quarter is one of the best times for hiring, things start slowing down the closer you get to the holidays—especially the last few days leading up to Christmas. 

Regardless of the time of year, our recruiters can help you gain an advantage during the hiring process. Let’s connect today! 

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